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Dr. Triyanto, S.Si, M.Si
Head of Department


Welcome to the Undergraduate Study Program of Mathematics Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Eleven March University, Surakarta.

Vision Mathematics Education Study Program is to develop mathematics education based on the principles of cognitive learning theory based on the noble values of national culture.

  1. Develop knowledge, skills, and develop attitudes as professional mathematics educators.
  2. Creative and innovative in applying knowledge and skills to solve mathematics education problems through research and community service.
  3. Have a spirit of leadership and independence to strengthen the entrepreneurial mindset.

Why you should choose Mathematics Education UNS as the best destination to study?

There are several reasons why students choose Mathematics Education UNS as follows.

“UNGGUL” Ranked National Accreditation

The Undergraduate Study Program of Mathematics Education UNS has regained “UNGGUL” accreditation from the Independent Education Accreditation Institute (LAMDIK). This is based on LAMDIK Decree Number 365/SK/LAMDIK/Ak/S/X/2022 which states that we have been accredited “UNGGUL” from June 7, 2022 – June 6, 2027. The accreditation status is important to set the quality standard of education institutions. In addition, the excellent-accredited institution is going to improve graduates’ competitiveness and guarantee a global-standard learning process bases on government supervision.


We offer many scholarships that can support tuition fees. We prepare different types of scholarships for new and active college students who are outstanding and poor. The types of scholarships prepared for outstanding students are PPA, BI, and each other. They help students achieve their ideals. There is also a type of scholarship referred to as “KIP Kuliah” which is prepared for students who are economically poor but have academic potential.

Competent Lecturers

We have 21 lecturers and this is in accordance with the required ratio. Its lectures also have gotten themselves competence, academic qualifications, and professionalism. They are also committed to improving the quality of education. With the ability of qualified lecturers, college students will also get and experience a high-quality learning process

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